Earlier this year the European Commission released the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) as part of the new Circular Economy package. This ESPR sets a Digital Product Passport as a key regulatory elementent to increase traceability of products and components. The regulation states that:"the product passport means a set of data specific to a product that includes the information (specified in the delegated act) and that is accessible via electronic means through a data carrier."

A product passport should:

  • ensure that actors along the value chain, including consumers, economic operators, and competent national authorities, can access product information relevant to them.
  • Improve traceability of products along the value chain.
  • Facilitate the verification of product compliance by competent national authorities.
  • Include the necessary data attributes to enable the tracking of all substances of concern throughout the lifecycle of the products covered.

Cirmar (connected to FBBasic) hopes this will be seen as a call to action for all actors in supply chains across different sectors and offers a simple tech tool to enable companies that want to follow EU guidelines; C_passport®.

C_passport® is a digital product passport that offers all the features mentioned above and more. We invite you to learn more about C_passport® on the website.