From waste textiles to a recycled yarn that meets the highest industrial standards. Right now, only a minor share of this waste textiles re-enters our daily lives as low-quality materials, such as insulation. Together with a consortium that consists of Imat-Uve, C2C ExpoLab, Stichting Texperium and Trützschler, FBBasic created an industrial method of deconstructing mixed textiles into usable fibers, which can then be spun into yarns that can compete quality-wise with their predecessors. 

That we are not using waste textiles in the right way, is evident from the fact that every second, the volume of a garbage truck filled with both used and unused clothing ends up in a landfill. While thinking circular, this new method of creating yarns out of that waste textiles is a perfect solution. Read all about it via: via deze link.