Redesign the Existing

Taking a 'Redesign the Existing' perspective, we turned used work and safety clothing into new products. Even at component level, products are often not designed to be taken apart. Yet these materials can still be used for other applications. The project has grown into a complete company - Pour Product, which has since grown independently and structurally allows people with a distance to the labour market to contribute to the creation of new products.

Circularity in action: C_passport®

A key factor in creating sustainable solutions for used products is the digital product passport. This allows the company to create passports not only for the batches that serve as inputs for their products, but also for the products eventually made by Pōur. Communication of impact data is easy with C_passport®.

Let's make circular impact together

Do you want to get started with circular strategies, concepts and products? We are happy to help you take the right steps. Get in touch, and together we will accelerate the transition to a circular economy.