Chemical recycling

We participated in a study that looked at chemical recycling of specific plastics from a technical and business case perspective. Despite a number of technical challenges, we contributed to the sourcing of fine raw materials, return logistics, pre-treatment, and connection to a network of recycling initiatives. Last but not least, we found next use solutions for the recycled plastics.

Circularity in action: C_passport®

Circular concepts must be followed, otherwise sustainable design loses its added value. This is why we have captured all design elements in C_passports®. The result? For the entire supply chain, it is clear which materials (as much as possible recycled) have been used, what the impact of those materials is and what the next applications are. That information is kept up-to-date and supplemented where possible in the coming years. This is how we move from ambition to transition: the circular concept comes to fruition.

Let's make circular impact together

Do you want to get started with circular strategies, concepts and products? We are happy to help you take the right steps. Get in touch, and together we will accelerate the transition to a circular economy.