Product as a service in metals

For a number of manufacturers in the metal industry, we introduced the concept of design-for-disassembly into their processes, allowing the concept of 'product-as-a-service' to be applied, leading to additional added value for both customer and manufacturer. Products could be refurbished or remanufactured much more easily, use periods could be extended and once recycling had to take place, the value of the recovered material was much higher compared to average market prices.

Circularity in action: C_passport®

Circular concepts must be followed, otherwise sustainable design loses its added value. C_passport® is the solid basis of products 'as-a-service'. You capture products, including all relevant information, such as maintenance, dismantling, product composition and impact. This is how we take the step from ambition to transition: the circular concept comes to fruition.

Let's make circular impact together

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